How to delete Apple account?


Apple is a behemoth in the consumer electronics industry. They create the most iconic personal devices such as iPhone, Mac, iPod, iTunes, and many more.

They offer exclusive hardware and ecosystem to ensure the quality of services.

Can I delete my Apple account?

Yes, you can delete your Apple account permanently.

How to delete Apple account

  1. Please open Apple Data & Privacy page.
  2. Log in using your Apple ID.
  3. Click on Request to delete your account.
  4. Choose the reason for closing and erasing your Apple account, then click Continue.
  5. Read the fine print.
  6. Agree on the account deletion terms and conditions.
  7. Get an access code sent to your cell number or registered email address.
  8. Fill in the Apple access code and click Continue.
  9. Click Delete Account to end your Apple services.

Alternatively, you may consider temporarily closing your Apple ID, and if so, choose Request to deactivate your account on step 3.


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