How to delete arXiv account?


arXiv is an open-access e-print service in physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, and more. Cornell University is operating and hosting this service.

In recent years arXiv has become one of the largest repositories of electronic preprints globally.

Can I delete my arXiv account?

No, you cannot delete your arXiv account and personal information except Europan Union countries.

How to delete arXiv account

  1. Create a new email to the arXiv GDPR team at [email protected].
  2. Write a request for data erasure.
  3. Add your user details for verification.
  4. Send it.
  5. arXiv will be contacting you for confirmation.

Additional notes


arXiv alternatives

  • Google Scholar
  • ResearchGate
  • Mendeley

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