How to delete Brainly account?


Brainly is an online learning platform that provides a collaborative learning experience for students worldwide. They provide step-by-step explanations and video tutorials to help students understand advanced concepts.

It allows students to ask and answer academic questions in various subjects, including math, science, history, social studies, and languages.

Can I delete my Brainly account?

Yes, you can delete your Brainly account and personal information.

How to delete Brainly account

  1. Open the website or app.
  2. Click on your profile picture or name.
  3. Click on the Edit Profile menu.
  4. Select the Preferences option.
  5. Click on the I want to delete my account button.
  6. Enter your account password for verification.
  7. Then click the Yes, I confirm that I want to delete my account button.

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