How to delete Forbes account?


Forbes is an influential American business magazine that covers a wide range of topics, including business, finance, entrepreneurship, and technology. Known for its rankings and lists, such as “The Forbes 400”, “30 under 30”, and “The World’s Billionaires,” it highlights the wealthiest individuals and companies.

Can I delete my Forbes account?

Yes, you can delete your Forbes account and personal information.

How to delete Forbes account

  1. Compose an email to [email protected].
  2. Use the subject line “Forbes Account Deletion Request.”
  3. Write your request for account deletion in the email body.
  4. Explain the reason for your account cancelation.
  5. Provide the necessary information, such as your full name and registered email address associated with your account.
  6. Send the email.

Additional notes


Forbes alternatives

  • Bloomberg
  • Fortune
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Business Insider
  • CNBC
  • Fast Company
  • Entrepreneur
  • Inc.
  • Financial Times
  • The Economist

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