How to delete Know Your Meme account?


Know Your Meme is an online database and website that serves as an encyclopedia of internet memes and viral phenomena. It documents and analyzes various online trends, catchphrases, viral videos, and image macros. Users can find detailed descriptions of memes, including their origins, notable examples, variations, and related media.

Can I delete my Know Your Meme account?

Yes, you can delete your Know Your Meme account and personal information.

How to delete Know Your Meme account

  1. Go to the website and log in to your account.
  2. Click on the Dashboard menu.
  3. Move to the Account Settings tab.
  4. Proceed to Account.
  5. Click the Deactivate My Account button.
  6. Enter your password for verification.
  7. Click the Submit button.

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Know Your Meme alternatives

  • Meme Generator
  • Urban Dictionary
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica
  • Reddit
  • Memedroid
  • Quickmeme
  • iFunny
  • Meme Documentation

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