How to delete Ko-fi account?


Ko-fi is a platform that allows creators to receive support and monetize their creative work. It provides a page where creators can showcase their content and receive one-time payments, known as “coffees,” from their fans. Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, Ko-fi does not have funding goals or campaigns, offering a simple and direct way for fans to show their support. Creators can engage with their audience, offer perks, and sell digital products.

Can I delete my Ko-fi account?

Yes, you can delete your Ko-fi account and personal information.

How to delete Ko-fi account

  1. Open the website and log in using your account.
  2. Visit the Account & Billing settings.
  3. Scroll down the page and find Remove Account.
  4. Ko-fi will send you a verification email.
  5. Check your email and open the message.
  6. Click the confirmation link to cancel your Ko-fi account.

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