How to delete PK XD account?


PK XD is a virtual world mobile game that allows players to create their avatars, get pets, customize their virtual homes, and interact with other players in a 3D world.

Players can explore different areas alone or with friends, play mini-games, complete quests, and earn in-game currency and items.

Can I delete my PK XD account?

Yes, you can delete your PK XD account and personal information.

How to delete PK XD account

  1. Visit the PK XD support web form.
  2. Select Manage Account.
  3. Fill in your email address.
  4. Choose I want to delete my account.
  5. Add the player’s nickname.
  6. Enter the reason for canceling the PK XD account.
  7. You may upload pictures for proof.
  8. Click on the Submit button.

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