How to delete TinyURL account?


TinyURL is a web service that shortens long URLs into shorter, more shareable versions. It helps users share links easily, especially on platforms with character limitations like social media. Users can access the TinyURL website or use browser extensions to create short links.

Can I delete my TinyURL account?

Yes, you can delete your TinyURL account and personal information.

How to delete TinyURL account

  1. Visit using a browser and log in to your account.
  2. Click the Account menu on the top right.
  3. Open the Delete Account button.
  4. Fill in the reason for canceling your TinyURL account.
  5. Then select Yes, delete my account.
  6. Enter the account password for verification.
  7. Click the Confirm Password button.

Additional notes


TinyURL alternatives

  • Bitly
  • Rebrandly
  • T2M
  • Polr
  • ShortURL
  • ClickMeter
  • BL.INK

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