How to delete MEEFF account?


MEEFF is a social networking app that enables users to connect with people globally for language and cultural exchange or to make new friends. The app offers features such as language exchange matching, chat rooms, and video calls, which make it easy to communicate and interact with other users.

Can I delete my MEEFF account?

Yes, you can delete your MEEFF account and personal information.

How to delete MEEFF account

  1. Run the MEEFF app on your phone and log in to your account.
  2. Tap the Settings menu on the bottom right.
  3. Open your profile name at the top.
  4. Tap on the pencil symbol on the top right.
  5. Select Delete my account.
  6. Fill in the reason why you are canceling MEEFF.
  7. Click on the Submit button.
  8. Confirm by selecting Yes.

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